Personalized Video

Create unique, memorable experiences for your audience, visitors, prospects, customers, partners, students, colleagues, friends, people.

Create and send Personalized Videos to your audiences that incorporate their names, companies, and other information already in your CRM.

Create Unlimited Personalized Videos with VizVid
Send Unlimited Personalized Videos

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Send unlimited personalized videos

CRM Integrated

Create and distribute an unlimited number of personalized videos by instantly weaving in data you already have on people like their name, company, interests, and more.

Personalize with photos

Deeply Personalized

Do you have photos of your audience members? Each VizVid template is designed for deep personalization—including text and photos—which you can add right from your mobile device.

VizVid Analytics

On-Demand Reports

VizVid Analytics allows you to track how individual users interact with videos to make powerful business decisions. See higher views, on-page conversions, social sharing, and campaign engagement with VizVid.

How Video Personalization Works
How Video Personalization Works
  • 1 Connect with our team to identify your goals, develop a personalized video campaign strategy, learn best practices.
  • 2 Collaborate with our personalization team to script, storyboard, shoot, animate, and define personalized elements within your new VizVid video campaign.
  • 3 Our team will integrate your VizVid campaign with your CRM, leaving you ready to create and send unlimited personal videos.
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