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your video content for
prospective students, alumni, athletic recruits, visitors, donors, stakeholders,

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VizVid delivers a unique, memorable experience to your audience. With VizVid from MediaCross, you can create and send customized, unlimited video content to your audience.

Attention-grabbing Personalization

Show your audience you know them.
Each VizVid template is designed for deep personalization—including text and photos—which you can add right from your mobile device.

Seamless CRM Integration

Save time and energy.
Create and distribute an unlimited number of personalized videos by instantly weaving in data you already have like their name, location, interests, and more.

On-demand Data

Get what you need.
Make informed communication flow decisions based on how individual users interact with videos. See higher views, on-page conversions, social sharing, and campaign engagement with VizVid.

Make your videos about them

Here’s How VizVid Works

A fully customized animated video, like the one above, features visiting student photos, campus hotspots, and personalized text.

Create Your Video!

With the help of MediaCross, we'll take existing photography, b-roll, or even storyboard and shoot a custom VizVid template for you.

Determine The Workflow

With CRM integration, VizVid automatically personalizes the video with data associated with a student's record (think name, major, hometown). We can set up your videos to batch create automatically, or you can manage them manually.

Deploy VizVids!

Via a personalized URL, share your videos by email or text based upon your CRM's capabilities.

Watch The Engagement

VizVid is built for celebration and sharing. Custom hashtags, built into sharing capabilities, allow you to track social media traffic.

Go Beyond Prospective Students

While originally developed to be used as way to celebrate a student’s campus visit, VizVid has the capabilities to elevate your messaging and brand to a variety of audiences. Consider the possibilities of personalized video for:





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